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Valued Supporters

This project has become one of the greatest experiences in my life. I could not do this without all the support of all my viewers and those of you who have been so generous with your support. These people listed below have, in some way contributed monetarily, by donating items, used affiliate links, or have increased our overall visibility to help keep the channel going. I just want to take this space to express how grateful I am toward the people who believe in what I'm doing and have decided to contribute to ensure I can continue to do what I do. You are all apart of this success and I love you for it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Wall Of Fame

Kristie Bittleston

Linda White

Suzanna Stefl

Christina Chamley

Stacey Beasley

Becky Zortman

Eugen Borcan


Chris Zar

Denise Biely



Lesley Mercill

Catherine Molina

Don't See Your Name?

I have a very grateful attitude but a very poor memory. On top of that, when merch is sold, links are used, and products are purchased I am not notified by the third party company whom it was who bought the products. If you have contributed to the channel and do not see your name here, please let me know by filling out the form to the right. Do not feel strange or funny letting me know, I want to have your name listed here as a way of saying thank you. I also want to hear what you bought and if you are satisfied with the product. I appreciate all of you and I want to show it. 

Let Me Know

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